Welcome to Adantes Publishing, where you will (eventually) find a wide variety of low content books. What are low content books, I hear you ask?

A low content book usually refers to a book that has no written content in it. That doesn’t mean it only has blank pages (although it can in the case of a sketchbook), it simply means there aren’t any words in the book.

Some examples of no content books would be a blank journal that only has lines for writing, an adult coloring book, a planner, a notebook, plus many others too numerous to mention here.

We publish both physical books (such as paperbacks) via Amazon, and digital books (for home printing) via Etsy. Certain books are also published with a spiral coil binding, via Lulu, as these are made to lie flat for writing in.

Browse our store to see the books that we offer. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the supplied contact form to get in touch with us.